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Session 8.1 Quick Check

  1. What is the purpose of a data table?
  2. To display data in an organized manner.

  3. What is the effect of the title attribute when used with a table?
  4. Just like the title attribute, when you float the mouse over the content a ScreenTip displays the title.

  5. What is the purpose of a table caption?
  6. The caption is a brief description of the table which is displayed above the content.

  7. What types of data can be placed into a table cell?
  8. Content can include text, an image, or another table.

  9. How does a table header cell differ from a table data cell?
  10. Header cells are placed at the start of each row whereas data cells are placed at the top of the columns to describe the content below it.

  11. What attribute is used to merge cells from different columns?
  12. Colspan.

  13. What is a key cell?
  14. The cell where the cells begin to merge.

  1. What element controls table width?
  2. The width property can be used to control the width of the table cells.

  3. Should table width be a set as a percentage or as a pixel value?
  4. Either can be used to set the table width values.

  5. What is row striping?
  6. Striping is setting rows up with alternating colors.

  7. Why is row striping useful?
  8. Striping can make larger tables easier for the eyes to keep track of related content.

  9. What HTML element is used for column formatting?
  10. < col / > and < colgroup >

  11. What attribute is sometimes used to apply formatting to several columns?
  12. Applying a class attribute within a < col >