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Session 7.1 Quick Check

  1. What is a liquid layout?
  2. A design that expands or contracts in proportion to the size of a user's Web browser window.

  3. How would you specify margins differently fot a liquid layout versus a fixed layout?
  4. Instead of using fixed measurements, variable ones should be used such as percentages.

  5. What is a nested section?
  6. A section element located within another.

  7. What is the purpose of a nested section?
  8. To group certain elements together visually.

Session 7.2 Quick Checks

  1. What's the difference between a liquid layout and a fixed layout?
  2. A liquid layout will adapt to any width because of it's unfixed variables such as percentage, whereas a fixed layout will a set width due to it's fixed variables for length such as pixels.

  3. What is the purpose of the container div in a liquid layout?
  4. To allow there to be multiple columns on the webpage or to add different attributes to a specific section of code.

  5. What is a print style?
  6. A style designed to create output for printed copy.

  7. In what type or style sheet should print styles be external?
  8. Printstyles.

  9. What attribute and value are used in the link tag to link to a print style sheet?
  10. link rel = "stylesheets" href = "printstyle.css" type = "text/css"

  11. What rule is commonly used only with print style sheets?
  12. The @page rule