Planet Hope


The hope this new planet brings is to start anew and learn from the mistakes we have made on Earth. In doing so we may not repeat history and better preserve and maintain planet hope and its' resources.


Planet Hope brings hope for its' people, and therefore will be governed by its' people with the foundation of preservation and respect to guide it.

Reap what we Sow

What planet hope will give us for resources must be given back to in the form of hard work to restore what was taken. If a farmer does not do his best to retore his field and keep it healthy, the nutrients of the soil will be lost and no more crops will be reaped from it. Respect where we get our resources and preserve it.


We now have the capability to create renewable energy, so resources such as minerals and energy riches may not be needed. The colonization of planet Hope will happen slowly over time; only taking in the people that it has the ability to capacitate.

Together we can Make it Happen

To succeed everyone must contribute. This will be a team effort, and if even one person does not do their part, the colonization of the planet will fail and hope will die.